Want to be a better closer? It’s too late…


For most sales people – closing is the best part – or at least their favorite part of the sales process.

Everyone wants to be a better closer – and in my training, it’s the # 1 request or thing people would like to be better at. I always tell people, if you want to be a better closer – it’s too late… you need to be a better <u>qualifier.</u>

Closing isn’t an “act” at the end of the sales process. Closing is the result of the sales process – it’s proof that you’ve done your job. In a consultative approach to selling, the close should be the obvious, natural outcome of the entire sales process.

To get there, sales people need to embrace something that they usually shun – objections. Objections are the next best thing to closing.

Why? Because the prospect is telling you how to close them. They are stating what is important – or what is missing – what elements must be addressed as part of the solution.

Objections do not delay or “hold up” the sales process – they sharpen and define it. Objections relate to the specifics of the prospect’s business challenges or goals. Every objection you address gets you closer to the sale.

Be ready for objections, and recognize that you are on the right track when you hear them.


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