Social Media 101 – Real Basic Stuff


At it’s simplest – social media is collaborative communication. If you are new to all this, get started now by signing up on some sites and start playing around. By now, everyone has heard of Facebook, but there’s a lot more out there.

For the basics, check out CommonCraft’s short video explaining social networks.

Let’s keep it simple and start with me… Have a look at the side bar on the right of this page. Visit my profile by clicking that button. Linkedin is like the Facebook for business. Also, you’re notice my Twitter feed… click on that to view my Twitter page. Twitter is basically a microblog that allows you to answer “What Are You Doing Right Now” in 140 characters or less. Click Here to see CommonCraft’s video explaining Twitter.

There’s also my Delicious link as well. Delicious is all about social bookmarking – sharing the websites that I visit with others – it’s easier to check it out than to explain it.

Finally, you’ll notice the little “share” button with the icons beside it. This little number allows you to link my site with with the particular social media that you use yourself.

In each case, social networks are all about connecting with people and sharing information. There’s a lot out there and it may seem a little overwhelming at first, but just get yourself started and the learning part is fun! Look me up when your getting connected out there…

I’ll talk about more aspects of social media throughout this site. If you’re looking for something specific, use the Search field.

How do you leverage social media for your marketing efforts? Slow down will ya?!? We’re just getting started…


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